I wanted you to know that I do love the silver, I taped some on just to see what it would look like and they are awesome!!! I attached a picture of my trial run. I also wanted to know if there was an e-mail that I could have to tell how helpful you were to me and how your customer service was excellent.

Thanks so much again, I will send you a photo when it is complete as well.
Sincerely, Traci L
H. Skates Shop

I received my order yesterday. I am very happy with your product and customer service. You both have been very helpful. Thank you!

Casey K
University of Wyoming
Department of Theatre and Dance

Well, we LOVE the spangle boards! They're easy to install and easy to maintain--and the visual impact has been wonderful! Right now I don't see us placing another order for more centers a few weeks.

Can you give me your return date?

Ann Z
Kids Quest

I just wanted you to know how pleased we are with your product.  It went up very quickly and the results are amazing!  Thank you!

We will be ordering about 10 times more before the next season opens because we want MORE, MORE, MORE sparkle than this!  It’s contagious!

Point Mallard park, Alabama

Thank you so much for your follow up. I'm really looking forward to using your product, unfortunately the Disney project we were working on has been cancelled, at least at the Times Square location. However both we and the client were very happy with your product and we look forward to using it on another project as soon as we have one it will work on.

Best Regards, Catharine

We did a couple billboards last year with your product, and it was very successful.  We had a couple customers inquire about using something like this on some other billboards, but when it came down to their budgets, it just didn't work out.

We are very pleased with the 3 billboards we did last year, and they still look great.  Hopefully their will be future opportunities.

Thanks for checking.

Steve T
Find a Sign Advertising

Hi Reflecto-Lite, Just wanted to thank you for making this sale easy and the product arrived in a timely manner.

Ann T, Sales Manager
Lamar Outdoor Advertising