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Spangley Boards
SPANGLEYBOARDS (Also known as Reflectoboards)
  • Easy installation for eye catching impact
  • Symmetrical installation
  • Glue, screw or nail SPANGLEYBOARDS to another substrate
  • 16 SPANGLEYBOARDS cover 1 square meter (approx 11 sq feet)
  • Each SPANGLEYBOARD is 25cm X 25cm (9.75in x 9.75in)
DISCS - Spangleyboards / Reflectoboards


  • Standard colours are: plum, raspberry, silver, gold, black, pink, white, orange, cherry red, emerald green, royal blue, sky, blue and holographic silver
  • The shiny coloured reflective discs are packaged in quantities of 1050 ( representing enough discs for 1 sq. m.)
INSTALLATION - Spangleyboards / Reflectoboards

The backing panels SPANGLEYBOARDS (Also known as Reflectoboards) are 8 rows x 8 columns and hold a total of 64 discs. There are 16 SPANGLEYBOARDS in one square meter ( approx 11 square feet) Each individual unit is pre-drilled for a fixing screw or it can be glued to another substrate. It is best to test the adhesive to confirm suitability.

They are also easy to cut into individual strips with an exacto knife and attached as above.Aluminium pins are pre-moulded into the panels. After the backing panel is attached to the substrate, the coloured reflective disc slips over the pin-head and clicks into place.

PRICING - Spangleyboards / Reflectoboards

  • Spangleyboards are available for US $300 per square meter including discs, Spangleyboards/Reflectoboards are also sold individually @ $22.00 US each.
  • Additional discs are available for US $140 per 1050 (enough for one square meter).
  • One square meter is about 11 square feet.
  • OVER 15 square meters - please contact us for a quote.
  • G.S.T. P.S.T. or other TAXES to be added when applicable.

Large orders of Spangleyboards/Reflectoboards are shipped from our UK office and discs for the Spangleyboards /Reflectoboards are shipped from our Canadian head office.

Please email us for Spangleyboards/Reflectoboards pricing on large orders.